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The questions you have right now are probably those we’re asked every day. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to get you started but if your question isn’t here then save your time and ask us instead.

We operate a straight talking, jargon free and no obligation approach, which we expect is exactly what you’re after.

We love this question! No project is too large or small for us, we’ve worked on projects where our help has only been needed for a couple of hours for a short promo video and we’ve also worked on larger projects that we’ve filmed over a 12 month period! If you’re unsure on pricing, please give us a call and we can very quickly get a rough idea and quote for you.

Firstly, we’ll consider your end goal and what your target audience will want to see. If that happens to be your day to day environment then great, but if it needs something extra then we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.

That’s totally fine, most customers when they land on our site and get in contact, have either never done this before or are coming from a bad experience and need help fast. Either way, we can help! For beginners, we ask you to imagine your film is complete, what problem does it solve? What platforms do you see it on? What’s its purpose? From there we’ll strip it back and build the project with you, helping with locations, creative ideas and anything else.

We have many clients based in and outside of Kent so absolutely, we’re used to it! With regards to meetings and project updates, we’re very flexible and have systems in place to keep you up to date with your project at every step. We can also arrange Skype calls if meetings in person are a little trickier.

It really depends on the project size and what the project involves but ultimately we’re led by you. We’ve had clients who need work filmed, edited and back to their Marketing teams within 24 hours, and we’re able to work to make that happen, but ultimately it comes down to your needs and preparation.

Yes, we hold public liability insurance to protect against any accidents. We’re very careful and considerate and to date, have never had a need to use our insurance.

No, we have a policy of fair pricing so what we agree from the outset is what you’ll pay as long as the project brief does not change. If the brief does change however, this isn’t a problem.

As long as those individuals or, if appropriate, the parents, guardians or carers have given permission for filming then, yes.

We’re DBS checked, public liability insured and confident working with chaperones while filming takes place. We also have lots of experience working with vulnerable people. Our approach is the same as always, we keep things fun, relaxed, well explained and allow plenty of time.

We’re able to completely cater to your requirements. We have equipment specifically chosen for its lightness and small form which does not mean compromising on quality. We can therefore operate on a very small footprint. In contrast, we’re also able to arrive as a large crew to complete large projects such as multi-camera filming, product shoots and green-screen.

Archiving is a key service that we offer and something which clients really appreciate. We will agree how long you would like us to hold raw footage and project files following the completion of your project, it can be anything from 6 months to indefinitely holding project files and it’s a very useful service for two main reasons;

Holding raw files means that if you require any quick changes or amendments then we’re able to help very easily. For example; an interviewee has changed their name, a product is no longer for sale, contact information needs changing – these are all typical requests and they’re made much simpler and cheaper to complete by us archiving your project.

Secondly, when you come to update your video or would like to produce something else, we’ll already have a head-start. This reduces costs, saves time and provides consistency to the look and standard of the content you’re releasing.

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