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Your event will be amazing for those who attend but how they remember it, how you tell other people about it and how you promote it the following year depends on the content you create. We create visually stunning, exciting and importantly, shareable content to make sure your event makes the impact it deserves and the right people know how good it was. 

No two events are the same, that’s surely the point of a great event! With that in mind we’ve described a few different examples below to help you understand exactly how we can help with your event, whether it’s an outdoor festival, an exhibition, a conference or theatre show. WIth any example, we’ll work with you to understand your aims and suggest ideas to create successful and exciting content across any platform including pre and post event. 

For any event type, we’re insured, all staff are DBS checked and we’re fully GDPR compliant in capturing video footage of audience members. We have great experience in all aspects of event coverage to make our work as easy for you as possible. We’ll work directly with any event or theatre technicians to ensure filming, lighting and sound recording is agreed and captured at a high standard. 

Exhibitions and conferences will feature footage of the event itself but also interviews with organisers and attendees. Sound quality and lighting can be less an ideal in these environments and so our small form equipment is key to a high standard while not taking up valuable room space. 

Theatre shows and on-stage events can be filmed with multiple cameras to create immersive full length edits, or shortened highlights films. Our meticulous pre-event set up means filming during the event is discrete and not distracting to audience members or performers but also gives you exciting results to promote a future event or to share with those who wish to watch from home. 

We cover many outdoor festivals and events throughout the year producing big, colourful and exciting videos for use pre and post event. We’re able to ask the right questions in planning to make sure we’re self directed on the day, moving quickly to capture the key moments cinematically as you’ll have seen in our showreel above. 

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