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Documentaries and short films are a great way of demonstrating the good work your organisation does in an entertaining and engaging way, or maybe highlighting a problem which you’d like your audience to act on. 

We work with organisations who want to transform research findings, a new company strategy or a plea for support into an engaging, informative and easily understood documentaries or short film to show at events, in email mailouts, TV and Social Media rather than stuck in reports which may be uninspiring and hard for a lay audience to understand. 

Our documentaries are produced by a team who know how to tell engaging stories through film and we’ll work with you to ensure key messages are covered in a human way, by real people who can encourage the action you want from your audience and justify the work you do to funders and supporters. 

We use great journalism skills to identify contributors for your film, cast acting and voiceover talent where needed and plan filming sessions which are demonstrative and not simply a series of talking heads. We’re also able to research and create animations and graphics to convey statistics and necessary information in a memorable way. 

Almost all contributors we work with have no camera experience and so we make sure we allow plenty of time to settle them in beforehand and encourage them throughout. It’s important to us that everyone enjoys the experience of making films and that we represent your organisation in front of external contributors as if it was our own. 

Documentary & Short Film Work

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