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Education & Training

Video is a great way to teach your audience, whether that’s to teach them how to use your products, make sure contractors are working safely, or induct new staff into your organisation. We produce engaging and easy to follow videos which keep viewers interested and reduces costs associated with repetitive training. 

There are a huge number of reasons why you’d want to produce an instructional video. We often work with clients who are selling a product or service and showing your clients how to use that product or inspiration for how to use it better is a great way to add additional value to your service and build a community of those who find the content useful. 

We also produce instructional videos for organisations who wish to be smarter with how they train staff. Instructional videos covering regular tasks or specific aspects of a job can save time and be more effective especially as they can be rewatched and shared across multiple locations. Video content is also a solid way of demonstrating that the correct training is being delivered time after time, especially in industries where safety is a priority. 

We make use of live filming, on screen graphics, 3D modelling and voiceover to ensure that training content is effective and entertaining. We can also complete voiceover recording and subtitling in over 50 languages for viewers who do not have English as a first language. 

We also retain edit files so that if anything changes in the future, amendments to your instructional content are faster and less expensive to make. 

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